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Java 9 Features and Enhancements

Java 9 is bringing lots of new enhancements which are going to affect your programming style and habit, in big way. The biggest change is the modularization of Java. It’s another big change after Lambdas in Java 8. In this article, I am listing down changes which will be part of JDK 9 release. What […] The post Java 9 Features and Enhancements appeared first on HowToDoInJava.
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Mobile ad UX: how to use ads and alienate people

In this article we'll take a look at mobile ad UX, find out what a bad ad experience is, and what you can do to avoid delivering one.
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How to Give Time to Others and Transform Your Life

I can only imagine your first thought when you read the title of this article. What!! as if my time wasn’t precious enough, he now wants us to give time to others. But stay with me because studies show that helping others makes us feel like we have more time for ourselves. If you’re feeling […] The post How to Give Time to Others and Transform Your Life appeared first on Everything Time Management and Productivity and is written by Mike Gardner
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We Promise These 19 Runway Trends Are Actually Doable

It may not be Spring just yet, but the runway trends we've seen are already inspiring our outfits. Of course, some looks that skirt along the catwalk don't seem easy to pull off. "I wouldn't be able to move in that," we thought, as we held up our phones and snapped away at a show. Even still, something about a new styling trick - a coat pulled all the way off the shoulders or a completely undone blouse - feels exciting enough to try. Below, we've gathered our favorite new styles that are actually easy to master IRL, we pinky promise. Scroll for a bunch of tips you'll want to remember as you embrace the new year. Related 11 Shoes We Dare You to Try in 2017 These 12 Fashion Terms Are About to Trend All the Way Through 2017 The Style Moves That Defined 2016
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A Shortcut for Getting the Most out of Affiliate Summit

Thanks to my good friend, Karen Garcia, co-founder of GTO Management, I now have a shortcut for optimizing my time and efforts at Affiliate Summit East ???09 (#ASE09 on twitter). ???and now, you do too. To enhance our post from yesterday, ???Affiliate Summit ??? The BEST Way to Optimize your Affiliate Marketing Plan???, I???m happy ???
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Logo Design Tips: 15 Surefire Ways to Know If Your Logo Is a Keeper

Simple and practical tips for designing an effective, memorable and timeless logo that properly communicates your brand's story and message.
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How are copywriting and content marketing different?

How do you distinguish between copywriting and content marketing? In your personal circles, you might use the terms interchangeably—in fact, many offices and professionals do. But in reality, they’re very different concepts—and if you want to make the most of either one, you need to know why it’s distinct from the other. Copywriting Copywriting is [...] The post How are copywriting and content marketing different? appeared first on Scoop.it Blog.
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Investing in Women is Investing in the Economy

Did you know that 72% of Utah’s adult women work? In Utah, women make up 44% of the total workforce. Ignoring their needs, education and strengths would be a divestment from the entire state economy.   Benefits of an Education Utah Women and Education researchers have conducted in-depth research to shed light on why more young […]
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Captain Obvious's Best Copywriting Non-Secret

Something to tuck inside the dark abyss of your evil mind: Pretty much every copywriting course, training, or seminar you ever see will talk about the life
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5 Effective Power Yoga Routines To Lose Weight Fast (With Videos)

Being overweight has many physical and psychological side-effects. Considering power yoga for weight loss might be of help.
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