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How to Structure Your First UX Design Portfolio

Looking to get your first UX Design job? This blog post might help you a lot.
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How to Escape JSON String in Java – Eclipse IDE Tips

While working or JSON parsing in Java application it’s quite common to just copy paste a JSON String from some resources e.g. a RESTful web service and then use the Jackson library to parse the JSON.
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Why Leaders Need Safe Spaces To Learn And Grow

Early in my career, I used to be very demanding of myself. It was hard for me to accept when I made mistakes in life. I remember one day, I was working on a woodworking project in my garage, and I got upset from making mistake after mistake.
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We Will Love HR Again

 Better programs, faster computers and the right type of analytics makes the jobs of HR staffers easier and more efficient.

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5 Tips for Building a Strong Visual Brand Identity

Check out our 5 Tips for Building a Strong Visual Brand Identity - This Branding Guide will help your Business grow through effective Strategy.
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Just Few Tips To Cack Down Animation Or Vfx Job Interview

Today in our Blog we will discuss the effective ways to crack down Animation Or Vfx Job Interview. Lets get it started quickly.
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4 Amateur Graphic Design Terminology Mistakes To Avoid

Knowing the right lingo is an important part of a profession in any field. This is particularly true in a field as artistic and terminology heavy as graphic design.  Font vs Typeface...
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5 Reasons Every Writer Should Have A Blog

If you write for a living, you have a career that many others envy. You pick your own hours; you pick your own location; you pick the type of writing you want to do – so long as someone is willing …
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25 Ways PPC Has Changed In The Past Year

PPC Hero take a look at 25 ways in which they approach PPC differently in June 2013 than they did in June 2012.
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The Ultimate Copy Checklist: 51 Questions to Optimize Every Element of Your Online Copy .

Do you know how to optimize your copy so that it converts and bring your business the results you want? Ask these 51 questions to improve your first drafts.
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