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AdPlugg Launches Integration for Facebook Mobile App; Publishers Can Soon Serve Own Ads

AdPlugg publishers now have a new opportunity: serving their own ads via the Facebook mobile app. The San Diego, CA-based online advertising company just launched an integration feature with social media behemoth Facebook. “The new integration gives publishers, of any size, the ability to run their own ads inside content published to their Facebook page,” the firm tells us. “AdPlugg provides an ad manager and ad server system that is in use by over 7,500 publishers across the internet. It has become a popular online advertising solution for newspapers, radio stations, magazines and bloggers.” The new integration arrives just as Facebook releases its Instant Articles system to all publishers (set for April 12). Currently, top line publishers like CNN, BuzzFeed, and the Washington Post currently use Facebook’s Instant Articles system that allows articles from third-party publishers to be viewed from within a special reader inside the Facebook mobile app. “To address publisher concerns regarding advertising and monetization, Facebook has allowed third party ad systems to integrate with the Facebook mobile app. AdPlugg is one of the first ad systems to provide such integration,” according to a provided statement. That should mean more revenue potential for AdPlugg clients. “Ad revenue is what drives the publishing industry, without the ability to continue to serve their ads, Instant Articles would not be a viable platform for most publishers,” said company CEO Collin Krawll. “AdPlugg’s new Facebook Instant Articles integration piece allows publishers to continue to service their advertisers while expanding the accessibility and
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