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Affle Launches Mobile Advertising Self Serve Platform at China Gaming Expo

Affle, a mobile platform company we’ve been watching closely throughout 2015, has launched its Mobile Advertising Self Serve platform called “MAAS Xtend.” The company made the formal announcement at the Global Mobile Game Developers Conference (GMGDC) in Chengdu, China. “Mobile Advertising platforms have traditionally been offering managed services targeting large enterprises,” the company tells us. “However, with the rapid growth in the Mobile App economy a completely new category of advertisers have emerged who would much rather work with Self Serve platforms on which they can manage and be in full control of their campaigns.” MAAS Xtend is an extension of Affle’s Mobile Audience As a Service (MAAS) platform. It’s designed to provide advertisers with complete automation and optimization controls to maximize ROI on their mobile spends. In addition, MAAS Xtend offers advertisers a simple 4-step process to configure and manage their campaigns. “Affle has always been in the forefront for developing a mobile market ecosystem that fosters greater transparency, control and optimization opportunities for marketers,” says CEO Anuj Khanna Sohum. “We launched our OptiSense 6 platform last month, which catered to the Enterprise users who would use our Managed Services offerings,” Sohum added. “The current launch of MAAS Xtend is targeted to App marketers who well understand the nuances of the mobile eco-system and prefer to manage their campaigns over an integrated Self Serve platform like ours.” The firm was understandably pleased to launch at one of the largest gaming events in China. Its integrations with all major supply
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