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Aki Technologies Secures $3.75 Million Seed Round to Help Brands Own the Mobile Moment

Strategic Investment Fuels Aki’s Mission to Conquer Mobile Ad Inefficiency through Mobile Moment Targeting & Insights San Francisco, CA – Aki Technologies, the first platform built for mobile moment advertising and insights, announced the closing of $3.75 million of in seed round funding. The funding will strengthen Aki’s mission to eliminate mobile advertising’s costly inefficiencies by helping brands engage consumers during their most receptive moments. The seed financing was led by private investment firm Blue Marlin Partners, with additional participation from serial tech entrepreneur and current AltSchool CEO Max Ventilla, advertising agency founders Eric Yang and Andrew Nevills, and former Global Dannon CMO and founder of ThinkingBig Santiago Mier. Aki’s mobile moment advertising and insights platform provides brands and agencies with a clearer view into the mobile consumer journey, making it possible to identify and target the optimal moments for engagement. As a result, advertisers eliminate poorly-timed impressions that weigh down campaign performance and cut into the value of mobile ads. “At a time when marketers are struggling to engage mobile consumers, Aki Technologies offers an approach that is both organically mobile and uniquely human,” said Eric Yang, former head of corporate strategy for Essence Digital North America. “Aki’s mobile moment platform combines the strengths of advertising targeting and data with a much-needed sensitivity to the consumer experience. This is a truly powerful solution for advertising’s 21st century challenges.” Aki Technologies is founded by mobile pioneers Scott Swanson (Opera Mediaworks, Opera-acquired Mobile Theory, Glam Media and Oracle-acquired Vitrue) and Alvaro
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