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Apps and Mobile Ads Work Better Together

Impressions alone won’t bring in the big bucks. It’s time for mobile app ads to think outside the box. Ashli N for Autosend argues that publishers need to charge for their apps and also work with advertisers to find creative ways to deliver ads inside those apps. Banner ads are ignored. Pop-up videos are a mark of amateurism. Push notifications annoy users. Mobile app ads today will be tolerated—even enjoyed!—but they must contribute to the experience of the app rather than just stand up and shout, “click here!” In-app advertising has the benefit of already knowing its audience. To engage them, mobile app ads must deliver honest, authentic content that extends the app experience. That’s why mobile ads and apps go so well together. Even knowing content is sponsored or affiliated, consumers are happy that, instead of interrupting their use, new mobile app ads will deliver additional information, opportunities, and deals. AdAdapted can help complementary publishers and advertisers connect.
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