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Can Roku Rake It In? Company Launches Personalized Interactive Video Ads Plan

Roku, a company that sells a series of popular streaming media players, is launching interactive advertising content targeted at viewers. The ads are part of Roku’s strategy to try to monetize what is an enviable — and constant — stream of viewer data. “The interactive advertisements — which include games, quizzes, and virtual store tours — debuted on Roku last month,” explains Fast Company, but the steaming platform’s new ads “will soon be viewable on channels such as CBS, Vevo, and Crackle.” In this arrangement, Innovid will supply the technology to make it all happen. Additionally, we’re told that its tech will be integrated into Roku’s toolkit for channel creators and is expected to roll out to dozens of other Roku channels. Some of the brand marketers currently using Innovid’s platform are nothing less than gargantuan, including Chrysler, McDonald’s, and even Best Buy. “Roku has been emphasizing advertising development in part to fend off the advances of Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast,” according to Fast Company. “In late April, Roku launched a partnership with Nielsen to measure viewership and metrics on in-Roku advertising. Although Netflix and Amazon Instant Video remain advertising-free, a host of other popular channels (including Hulu) show advertising to Roku users.” Industry insiders also say that Roku and Innovid are at work on multi-platform ads that beam content to smartphones from the set-top boxes.
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