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Ericsson Is Rolling Out A Mobile Ads Platform For Telcos

Ericsson is about to enter an unexpected space: ad tech. The Swedish networking giant is testing a mobile ads platform to aggregate anonymized deterministic data from across telecom operators to power targeted advertising. Ericsson declined to say whether it’s building the platform itself, licensing it or buying an ad tech company to power its nascent ad stack. The platform is already being trialed with a few telcos in the US and Singapore. A more general rollout is slated for the end of Q1 or beginning of Q2 with several operators across the US, Latin America, South Asia and parts of Europe. Mobile data quality is lacking outside of Facebook and other closed systems, said Salman Taj, head of incubation and chief innovation officer at Ericsson, and that provides operators with an opportunity to serve up their subscriber data as an accurate alternative. But with the possible the exception of Verizon, telcos are hindered by their lack of scale – and that’s what advertisers are looking for, Taj told AdExchanger at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Without it, telco data is too fragmented for advertisers to take advantage of in any meaningful way. Ericsson wants to act as a neutral party where telcos can make their anonymized user data available to the buy side en masse. Ericsson will ingest the data, normalize it, hash it for privacy purposes and create proxy IDs so the original identifier can’t be used to trace a profile back to a specific user. Customer proprietary network
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