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Flashbuz Introduces First Ad Free Mobile Branding Platform to Let Social Do the Work of Ads

Flashbuz has launched a first: a first discovery shopping platform employing the power of social currency to spread brand awareness — in lieu of ads, paid posts, or banners. San Diego-headquartered Flashbuz is “completely powered by the consumer and funded by product value.” “Merchants of exciting and new products list their goods on the Flashbuz platform priced according to a customers social reach,” the company tells MAW. “Example: you may get 10 percent off if you only have 200 followers or 50 percent off if you have 2000 followers — the merchant controls these secret discounts and social reach parameters. Merchants exchange value for powerful social branding and consumers finally see monetary value on their growing social reach.” In brief, Flashbuz has created a system that allows merchants to avoid expensive, low conversion online advertising by simply trading product value for social brand exposure. “On a typical pay per click advertising campaign, a merchant pays one fee for one person to see their ad,” the company’s announcement reads. “On Flashbuz, a merchant simply reduces his product revenue in exchange a thousand views of a personal brand endorsement, not an ad.” “The difference is beyond substantial,” said Flashbuz CEO Aaron Bruce. Interestingly, Google’s ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) noted that more than 80 percent of internet sales occur through social networking, not social network ads or social network content but people socializing. “Digital ads like banner and key word searches make up the 20 percent left,” the company asserts. “Flashbuz provides
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