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Help for the Little Guys: Verco Solutions Now Offering Mobile Advertising Tailored for Small Businesses

Verco Solutions, a mobile marketing company known for app development, now wants to help smaller businesses reap the benefits of advertising. The company has launched new mobile advertising services to assist small businesses in developing leads and driving foot traffic through mobile app advertising. “Our company started out as a mobile marketing company with a heavy focus on mobile app development,” said Verco Solutions CEO Charles Muotoh. “Soon after, we quickly discovered that there were opportunities for small businesses to leverage the kind of mobile advertising solutions that many of the big brands have used for years,” he added. “Most big brands have some form of mobile marketing strategy.  It’s high time the little guys start enjoying the benefits of mobile.” Verco’s move comes on the heels of recent studies showing that as many as 50 percent of consumers make purchases after viewing ads on their smartphones or tablets. “Our in-app and mobile web advertising campaigns are designed specifically for small businesses,” Muotoh explained. “We use, what we call, hyperlocal targeting technology to target mobile users within a small, specific radius of the customer’s business location to ensure we are targeting their local clients – not just anyone from any country.” If you’re not familiar, Verco Solutions “uses geofencing technology as a means to hyper-locate potential customers within a three- to five-mile radius of a small business location.” An added benefit from Verco? Real-time feedback. “The reports we provide to our clients allow them to see exactly how well their
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