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IAB Tech Lab Launches App for Simultaneous Testing of Mobile Ad Creative Across SDK Platforms

A brand new app that tests ad creative across multiple ad software development kits (SDKs) — the “MRAID Ads SDK Tester” — has just been released by the IAB Tech Lab. Created, we’re told, to support the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence’s “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions” project (MRAID), the freshly released app supposedly “tests and validates” ad functionality against a variety of SDKs “in minutes.” The IAB calls the offering a boon for advertisers as it allows for expedient but comprehensive testing of mobile in-app ads — a process that has heretofore been painful, time-consuming, and difficult. “For example, to test just one ad previously, a user had to set it up multiple times and then test it in different apps,” the IAB tells us. “The new tester app solves this problem by offering multiple SDKs in one app. It will make quality assurance (QA) and testing compatibility of ad creative with diverse SDKs effective and efficient. This will make qualifying SDKs for ad buys simple and speedy, while also increasing fill rates and eCPM for sellers with more rich media demand.” IAB is proud of its new utility. “QA has been a costly and time-consuming challenge for digital media advertisers for far too long, and crowd-sourced efforts to address the problem have been incomplete and unsustainable,” says Scott Cunningham, an executive with the IAB. “IAB Tech Lab is uniquely positioned to leverage our trusted relationships with members in the industry to provide this valuable utility to
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