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Interactive Video Ads Outperform Pre-Roll on Connected TV

It will not be a shock to many in the advertising industry that interactive video ads outperformed pre-roll ads on connected TVs in 2015. Proof now comes from data unveiled by Innovid. The company’s metrics are based on video campaigns served on its platform. “The research also found that completion rates of video ads on connected TV and OTT devices were higher for custom interactive (94.5 percent), which includes a variety of interactive elements designed to keep the user engaged and active within the video itself, and click-thru interactive (91.5 percent), which is designed to encourage the user to click through to a new web page independent of the ad, than pre-roll (87.0 percent),” according to eMarketer. Not only that: the percentage of ads viewed were higher, as well, especially when it came to custom interactive ads compared to pre-roll competitors. However, the video the format — despite its charms — does have drawbacks. “A separate study from Demand Metric and Brightcove found that more than half of marketers in North America said the video type is time consuming to create and that it’s difficult to integrate it with other platforms and systems,” noted eMarketer.
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