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Launch a Mobile Video Ad in Seconds? Trion Interactive Launches Just the Right Platform

In any business, time is money — and no place is that time-honored dictum more true than in the mobile video ad arena. But word has come to us that a leading mobile video advertising company, Trion Interactive, has introduced game-changing enhancements to their mobile video and rich media advertising platform, mScreen. “For the first time, marketers of any size can launch mobile video ad campaigns in under three minutes using a full-featured self-service platform.” explained the firm in a recent release to the media. It’s only been around since 2011, but Trion is making mobile waves. “Trion’s mScreen allows marketers to create native video ads using standard video, VAST tags, or remotely hosted files, doing all the hard work to create a seamless viewing experience for end-users,” the company notes. “With the new development, Trion adds another exclusive tool for clients: the ability to utilize mScreen to create, view, and launch mobile video ad campaigns in under 180 seconds.” In a word, video campaigns launch easily and are also targetable, all with a simple user interface. Trion’s mobile publisher platform offers what the company calls industry leading visibility, precision audience targeting, and dynamic rich media on mobile properties. “By providing technology, delivery and distribution all in one place, Trion has been able to provide clients with a centralized solution for their mobile video advertising needs,” said Al Shermer, co-founder and CEO. “With our previous software platform, we offered a streamlined process with our experts guiding through Trion’s expanse of unlimited placement opportunities. We’ve now taken it one
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