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Making Mobile Safer: Sizmek’s StrikeAd Launches Peer39 to Benefit Global Mobile Ad Buyers and Sellers

Sizmek is an open ad management company for multiscreen campaigns. Now comes news that its clients can access Peer39’s proprietary page-and app-level intelligence on StrikeAd, a mobile-first programmatic media solution for global brands and trading desks. “As the first to offer a Mobile DSP with contextual and app classification capabilities, and the first Mobile Only DSP for Peer39 (although app classification has been available since 2015), this integration ensures media buyers can deliver brand-safe, high quality placements for their programmatic mobile web and app ads, with greater relevance, reduced wastage and at a scale supported by processing over 100 billion ad requests daily,” according to the company’s announcement this week. Because mobile ad spending is set to balloon — reaching as much as $100 billion in 2016 — it’s a target for mobile ad fraud. “To combat this, StrikeAd is now pre-equipped with anti-fraud measures including a new offering for Uncertified Apps,” an emailed statement explains. “Marketers who target away from this category will avoid serving ads into the approximately 10 percent of total apps that are not certified by the Google Play or Apple Stores, contributing to a high incidence of fraud.” The big idea is to protect the burgeoning mobile ad market from fraud and waste. “Audiences are shifting to mobile with increasing frequency, so we’re always looking for tools that will enable us to execute our mobile programmatic ad buys with heightened targeting capabilities and decreased waste,” said Marco Rigon, Global Head of Mobext, mobile agency of
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