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Making the Most of Mobile Moments: Aki Launches New Platform Designed to Target at Right Time

Aki Technologies officially launches this week. It’s the first mobile advertising platform designed to capture what company execs call “mobile moments.” “Founded by mobile pioneers Scott Swanson (Opera Mediaworks, Opera-acquired Mobile Theory, Glam Media and Oracle-acquired Vitrue) and Alvaro Bravo (Opera Mediaworks, Mobile Theory and Greystripe), the new mobile data management platform unlocks mobile advertising ROI by connecting marketers to consumers during the moments they are most receptive to advertising,” a press release from the company reads. Swanson believes that, although targeting tactics including demographics, location, and behavioral factors have helped, there’s still work to be done to fine-tune mobile marketing. “We launched Aki because, despite great innovations in technology and data, brands are still missing a critical piece of the mobile puzzle,” he explained. “We believe that missing piece — the understanding of a mobile consumer’s mindset during a given moment — is the key to unlocking the potential of mobile advertising.” According to the press statement, “the heart of Aki’s offering is the Mobile Moment Index, a comprehensive analysis of billions of mobile activity data points that assesses a consumer’s ad receptivity at a given time.” Aki’s Mobile Moment Index is designed so that advertisers can target consumers when they are more likely to engage with an ad and even to “deliver the ad format that best aligns with their level of receptivity at that moment.” Why? Because not all mobile moments are equal. “Without visibility into a mobile consumer’s mindset, brands are wasting impressions on moments of
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