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Widespace Launches Full-Stack Programmatic Ad Platform for Mobile Branding

London: Widespace, the provider of technology to build brands in a mobile world has announced the launch of Summit, a full-stack programmatic ad platform and automated guaranteed marketplace designed specifically to deliver branding campaigns on mobile. The launch is a response to mobile having asserted itself as the first screen, with consumers touching these devices on average 2,500 times a day. Similarly, programmatic is increasingly becoming the way advertisers and publishers buy and sell media, with the IAB revealing that it was worth €5.7bn in across Europe in 2015. However, few programmatic solutions are native to mobile, and for buyers who value creativity, quality and brand safety there are limited opportunities to  buy mobile brand advertising programmatically today. Summit is designed to fill this gap in the market through its programmatic advertising platform and marketplace, supported by an automated guaranteed buying solution. The marketplace also benefits publishers by enabling them to sell their inventory as part of Widespace packages or via direct deals, simplifying the tedious manual direct deal process. Summit’s end-to-end solution and integrated modules, make it possible for publishers to sell rich media programmatically, in a way that’s not supported by the Open RTB protocol. It also enables the targeting of users across the whole mobile ecosystem and not just parts of it with smart brand interest profiling of the user based on historical data and previous brand preferences. Inventory delivered via Summit also comes with the recently announced Widespace guarantee of zero non-human traffic, which incorporates vetting
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