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40 Essential Sketch App Tutorials for Beginners

Whether you are an experienced designer or a beginner, Sketch is a fantastic tool that will help you design anything with ease. More and more designers are relying on Sketch rather than Photoshop for their projects, as it improves design flow. Sketch is great because it helps you break an image down to it’s most basic parts, and allows you to put the pieces together step by step, which is great if you’re a beginner. With Sketch, you can efficiently design websites, mobile apps and other user interfaces.  Sketch is a highly flexible design tool that supports infinite zooming, 2x export and styled vector shapes that are perfect for multiple resolutions. This way you won’t have to sacrifice quality every time you try to edit or resize images – this is the magic of vector graphics. Additionally, unlike Photoshop, Sketch makes exporting assets easier than ever. Photoshop, although it’s a great program overall, is infamous for having a very user-unfriendly slicing tool that makes it infinitely harder to export files. However, Sketch comes with an Export All feature that can export many types of files all at once, whether it’s in PDF, JPG, or PNG. This will make your life easier, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience using design apps. Essentially, Sketch is a hybrid of 3 different apps: Photoshop for user interface design, Omnigraffle for wireframing, and Illustrator for vector, logos and print. This allows you to do so much more in a significantly shorter amount of time. Now that we have
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