About Ampower

What is Ampower?

Are personal reviews allowed on Ampower?

Why did the review I wrote get declined?

What can I do when I get an unfavorable review?

Can I close my account with Ampower?

Can anyone create me a profile page without my consent by reviewing me?

I can't login, what do I do?

Does Ampower manually approve all reviews?

Can I report abuse and violation of content guidelines?

I have some suggestions. Where do I submit those?

Someone is pretending to be me by using my name and photo. What should I do?

About Request Reviews

How are my contacts getting requests to review me?

How many reminder emails are sent to people asking them to review me?

How do I edit/remove people from the "request review" list?

How do I turn off all emails that are requesting my contacts to review me?

About Invites

How are my contacts getting emails asking them to join Ampower?

How many invite emails are sent to people asking them to connect with me?

How do I turn of all emails that are inviting my contacts to join Ampower?

I don't want any reviews but I like searching for professionals and reading other people's review. Can I still be on Ampower?

About Anonymous private reviews

What is an anonymous private review?

Can I respond to an anonymous review I received? Will others see it?

Does the rating I recieved by the anonymous author affect my overall rating?

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