Content Guidelines

This is a site for professionals to showcase their expertise using reviews. As an online community of professionals, we host a variety of diverse opinions. We welcome this diversity, and ask that all of our participants adhere to these simple guidelines.

All reviews posted on Ampower are approved by the Ampower team. Any review that does not meet our content guidelines will not be posted.

Ampower gives you full control over which reviews display on your profile page. You have the ability to hide any review you choose.

Writing a high quality review:

  • Reviews are most useful to others when they include specific details of your experience. Please be as narrative as possible and avoid answering the questions in one or two words.
  • Reviews that give absolutely no insight maybe withheld.
  • Be factually accurate. While you are free to express your opinion, it is important to not exaggerate or misrepresent your experience.
  • Remain Professional. As, this is a professional site devoted to showcasing professional expertise, reviews engaging in name-calling, threats, harassment, profanity, lewdness, or displays of bigotry will not be approved.
  • Make sure the review is relevant. Please review the individual and not the company he/she may work for.
  • Do not post spam, input random marketing or irrelevant content.
  • Content that you did not author will be taken down.

Anonymous private review guidelines:

Ampower has a unique Anonymous Private reviewing service. This allows you to review someone without letting him/her know you wrote the review. This review is private, which means only the person that got reviewed can see it. Thus, an Anonymous Private review doesn't display in the recipients public profile.

The intent of Anonymous Private reviews is to handle delicate situations where you see a scope of improvement. This feature is for professional constructive criticism only.

Do not use this feature for bullying, threats, shaming or any such intents. Such reviews will be declined.

If a user believes that a review is offensive, inappropriate or threatening in nature, please report the review url to supportmail. We will ensure the user is blocked from contacting you in future.


As this is a site to showcase your expertise, we encourage you to share information about your expertise/work/business (non confidential) with the Ampower community. We will soon be offering a feature where you can upload portfolios and videos of your work to promote yourself. Please make sure you have the rights to post the media.


We appreciate your compliance with these guidelines. While we are devoted to free speech, we reserve the right to remove any content that does not respect these guidelines or that detracts significantly from our users' experience. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may also result in the temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges or deletion of account.