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To #Filter or to #Nofilter: It's Not Even a Question!

In the days when film reigned, most people thought that once you took a photo, the image was completed. They thought that clicking the shutter was the end of the process (They obviously didn’t know much about darkroom manipulation). But, as photographers know, that “click” is only a small part of the photographic process. The rest lies in forethought before taking the image, and the way in which it’s processed after it’s taken.
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Types of Trademarks: How to Chose a Strong Mark

You may not realise it, but everyone interacts with trademarks on a daily basis whether you’re at work, in a supermarket or at home.
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Change Your Buyer’s Mindset from “If” to “How”

One simple tweak to how you deliver proposals can dramatically change how it is received.
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Extreme Sports That'll Get Adventure Junkies Packing

A bucket list of the most thrilling adventures and the places that will let you indulge in.
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The Simple Facebook Posting Strategy That Helped us 3x Our Reach and Engagement

In October of 2016 we dramatically changed our Facebook posting strategy. A gradual, but noticeable shift in many social media algorithms and an influx of brand advertising on Facebook meant that it was important for us to either start experimenting or we’d continue to see a decline in organic reach and engagement. Getting your content seen on Facebook is […]
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When Does a Job Interview Become Compensable?

There are a few situations in which an employer may have to pay individuals for time spent interviewing for a job.
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Quantifying startup funding inequality for fun and profit

Income inequality and disparity in resource distribution have drawn a lot of attention recently in the United States.
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Why Biz Dev Teams Should Use an Affiliate Marketing Framework

Business development deals are notoriously time-consuming and difficult to scale.
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Great Productivity Apps for Your Web Design Projects

Project managers, freelancers, and small business owners look for ways to be more productive.
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Tips and Tricks for High Key Portraits

These days we most often see high key photography used for product photography, but its roots go back long before the internet.
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