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How to Survive Boring Fridays at the Office

Read on for 7 awesome tips on how to survive fridays at the office and get you to power through those long eight hours to get you to the weekend!
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The 7 Definitive Items You Should Never, Ever Toss From Your Closet

We all need a deep closet cleanse, but before you go full Marie Kondo, make a list of items you want to keep. At the top should be anything that still holds
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Which Camera Lens Is Right For You | Camera Lens Guide

An overview of the different types of camera lenses and great tips about aperture. This is the guide you need to read before buying a camera lens.
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5 Reasons Your Content Lacks Engagement

There is nothing quite so disheartening as the realisation that your content simply isn't resonating with your audience.
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DIY 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge

A 30-day mindfulness challenge promotes the practice of daily activities that reduce stress and anxiety, improve performance and productivity, and increase happiness with a greater sense of peace, presence and overall well-being.
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E-mail Marketing Rules To Follow Before Hitting Send

E-mail marketing can be a powerful and effective tool to help your business...if executed properly. The success of an e-mail campaign isn't just based on the design or even the message.
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11 Exclusive Furniture WooCommerce Themes & Templates 2017

Are you looking for best responsive Furniture WooCommerce Themes and Templates of 2017? Today we’re going to share an exclusive collection of Furniture WooCommerce Themes & Templates with many modern features. It’s an hand pick list of Furniture WooCommerce Themes.

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I Quit My Job to Become a Freelance Writer. Here's What I Learned.

I am writing this post because I want to take a personal inventory of my journey to date. I hope that some of what I’ve learned about myself will be of practical use to you.
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Writing Tips: How to Come Up With 50 Topic Ideas in 30 Minutes

A detailed guide to brainstorming enough content ideas to last for months.
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Why You Should Build A Sitemap Before Designing Your Site

Designing a new website can be a daunting process, only made more complicated by the volume of information that sometimes needs to be organized and incorporated. Sure, designers might create wireframes and mockups to plan out the site before they get started, but what about non-designers?
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